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    A man went to a Minister in Lufkin and asked if he could join his church. The Minister said, ” Yes, if you can answer one question for me. Where was Jesus born”? He thought for a minute and then said, ” Nacogdoches” ? ” No”, said the minister. “You cannot join my Church”. The man then went to a Preacher in Huntington and asked to join his Church. ” Only if you can answer one question”, said the Preacher, Where was Jesus born”? To which the man replied ” Lufkin” ? ” No”, said the Preacher, ” You cannot join my Church”. Later that day the Man went to a Pastor in Broaddus, and asked to join his Church. The Pastor replied, ” Sir, it isn’t My Church. It is God’ s Church, and anyone can join. You are welcome here”. The man told the Pastor he didn’t know much about the Bible, to which the pastor replied,” We will teach you everything you need to know”. ” May I asked you one question .” asked the Man. ” Of Course” answered the Pastor. ” Where was Jesus born”?
    “Palestine”, the Pastor said promptly. Jumping up and down, the Man Squealed and shouted. “I knew it.” “I knew he was born somewhere in EAST TEXAS” !!

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